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We have qualified and experienced coaches in the C&8 team. Our coaches have worked globally with Individuals and teams from some of the world’s largest brands and their most senior people.  

Individual Coaching 

"What got you here won't get you there"


We help individuals unlock their potential and move to the next level in their leadership. Our approach helps people uncover the hidden beliefs and behaviours that may be holding them back in their work or their relationships. We then support them in developing strategies and practices to move forward. We use various training tools to support the process including 360 degree stakeholder interviews in order to ensure no blind-spots are missed and that success is not only experienced by the leader but also by those around them. In the course of the coaching the leader will connect more deeply to themselves, their colleagues and deeper levels of fulfilment.


Group Coaching 

Team coaching is a powerful approach to unlock a team's potential, support team building and transform team cultures.

Coaching in groups allows individuals to work on their specific growth areas with the support of their peers. Leaders learn to become better coaches to their peers and cultures transform into ones of more openness, more connection and more collaboration. Teams meet for regular sessions with one of our coaches. Specific content around creating the environment for success and skill of giving and receiving feedback will also be included in this coaching experience.

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