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We offer facilitation with an edge. 


All of our team have worked globally in media and advertising. We've taken responsibility for clients and businesses that have invested millions on the back of our work. We know what good looks like and can help you and your team get there. 


We love the art of facilitation for any meeting or discipline but have an extra edge for meetings in the space of Advertising, Communications Strategy, Brand, Media, Design and Packaging. 



We love marketing and advertising. C&8 partners can facilitate meetings and workshops centred on creativity, idea generation, media, communications strategy, design and packaging.  We'll help you and your team move in the right direction and take projects from good to great.



While we might be uniquely good at marketing facilitation we are great at holding a room and delivering to agreed outcomes. We're high energy and fun to work with and will collaborate with you to ensure you set your meetings up for success and deliver clear output and an action plan to see your project through.



Team members who know how to run and manage a meeting can get your projects moving in the right direction. We can train your people on best practices and specific techniques to develop an in-house facilitation capability that will add value and help drive your business forward.

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