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In addition to delivering training, facilitation and team building workshops, C&8 Partner Nick Vale is our resident keynote speaker. 

A regular commentator and speaker on the future of media and marketing, he has been interviewed on the BBC News, in Campaign, Marketing, Media Week and multiple other marketing titles worldwide as well as in national newspapers across the globe. He regularly speaks at internationally renowned events such as Mobile World Congress and the Cannes Advertising Festival.  

Creativity & Ideation

Web 3 & The Metaverse

Communications Planning & Strategy
Integrated Marketing Planning
Digital Strategy
Media Planning & Strategy
Brand & Consumer Insight

Decoding the Future of Marketing

Decoding the future of marketing is a speech that makes all the perceived complexity really simple and understandable.  Nick is all about looking at stuff from a fresh and human perspective that even the most seasoned of marketers might not have considered and can help them gain an edge on everyone else.


How to have winning ideas / How to win at Cannes

Too many great ideas never see the light of day because the creator is unable to effectively sell them; a frustrating waste of all that hard work and inspiration!  This session is designed to help you understand what it takes to get your idea over the line by revealing the trade secrets of selling ideas.

​Using examples from the Cannes Advertising Festival Nick can teach people to be able to see the great stuff and thus help them to find their own idea ‘style’ and how to translate these into award worthy executions.


How to Sell Ideas

In this keynote, Nick talks about how to sell your ideas. How can you get clients, customers or internal stakeholders to really really want to make or buy the stuff you have created?  There is no point in doing all the thinking and putting in all of the effort to create brilliant ideas if you can’t get them over the line.  Nick has spent many years looking for the secret sauce to selling ideas, from a psychological ‘how to talk to who’ perspective but also from a tips, tricks and how to package things so they become irresistible.

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