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All our workshops are designed to inspire and energise your people while equipping them with the knowledge and skills that will give them an edge.  They are always engaging and fun, but designed to be hugely practical; always based in real-world examples so your team learn while creating valuable output that they can monetise.

Team Effectiveness

This one or two day workshop is designed to tighten and build individual relationships with a team. In this fun and engaging workshop we use exercises to explore ways of working and standards of behaviour and engagement. We look at leadership styles, how to build trust and establish psychological safety in the workplace. This workshop provides a refresh or a reboot for any team and is particularly effective during times of change.

Our C&8 coaching partners are also available for individual or team coaching as a follow up to the Team Effectiveness workshop.



Every one of us has creative potential. In this one day workshop we show teams how to understand and unleash their creativity. We demystify the creative process and show you how to unlock the creative ability within. We will teach you techniques and exercises that can be deployed quickly and easily on any project. You will learn how to setup the conditions for creativity and what it takes to establish a psychologically safe work environment. This is a high energy, entertaining and fun workshop and great as an alternative to a standard team building day.

We also deliver a two day experience of Creativity Training followed by Workshop Facilitation on high priority marketing or advertising projects.


Female Leadership

At C&8, we understand the gender disparities that exist across industries when it comes to leadership. That's why we've developed a Female Leadership Workshop led by women with first-hand working in industries with documented gender disparity in the workplace. 

With a focus on storytelling, our Female Leadership workshop equips women with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to excel as leaders, while also providing tools for organisations to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Our Female Leadership workshop also includes follow up group coaching sessions with the C&8 team to ensure that participants have the opportunity to practice the skills they've learned in the workshop



Storytelling has rapidly become one of the professional world’s trendiest buzzwords – conjuring impressions of a mystical power that could be the panacea to all your company’s trials and tribulations. The bad news is there’s no such thing as a magical storytelling solution, but the good news is every one of us has the potential to be a great storyteller. In this one-day workshop we explore the psychology behind impactful storytelling, review different storytelling applications and formats, and introduce a set of tools and techniques to guide you through the storytelling process from start to finish. Whether your needs encompass B2C and sales applications; B2B, client relationships and business development; brand promotion and content creation; or team and leadership effectiveness and development, there is a place for storytelling in every organization

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