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Our Impact


"Collaborate and eight delivered a dynamic workshop and an in-depth extended learning program that played a pivotal role in enhancing psychological safety within our teams. Their methodical yet engaging approach has been crucial in cultivating a culture of support and innovation within our teams and we highly recommend them as a training partner."

Courtney Rol Director of CRM, Calvin Klein Europe


"Collaborate and Eight expertly facilitated workshop for us at a pivotal stage for our business. He managed multiple stakeholders with a range of agendas in the room, kept us on track and, importantly, got us to concise and meaningful outputs that have made a real difference to our growth plans. I can’t recommend C&8 highly enough."

Joe Webb, Chief Growth Officer, Kamma 


"I found the Storytelling workshop facilitated by Kelsey Eichhorn-Allen both engaging and thought-provoking. The team has been able to tangibly apply the techniques and learnings from the workshop to enhance our work winning approach and create compelling, quality messages."

Graham Martin, Bid Director for Transport, Energy, Power, and Major Projects


Aaron Quinn from C&8 was a dynamic facilitator who led a workshop for the HR Team at Bayer Hellas, he skillfully steered us through a journey of engaging activities, interactive discussions, and thought-provoking exercises, while also introducing us to cutting-edge AI advancements. Under his adept guidance, the team felt not just comfortable but excited to open up, share insights, and foster connections, creating an environment ripe for constructive feedback and meaningful interactions. Aaron's meticulous preparation was palpable, adding depth and richness to our empowering and enlightening experience.

Angelika Tzemou, Bayer Hellas A.G.

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