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Our Team

While our team come from different backgrounds and experiences, one thing that we have in common is that we all stepped back from successful careers in the corporate world to consider "what next?" 

The C&8 team are passionate about team building, development, and facilitation. We have a shared perspective on life, and most importantly want to make a positive impact on people and their workplaces, through embracing curiosity, creatitivity, and collaboration. 

Kelsey Eichhorn-Allen
Aaron Quinn
Cathy Owens
Seán de Cuirtéis
Kelsey Eichhorn-Allen


Kelsey has harboured a lifelong love for libraries and the magic of storytelling. From primary schools' colourful rooms to university oak desks and modern digital archives, she's always been captivated by the creativity and comfort of a good story.

Stories, for Kelsey, are the cornerstone of civilization, helping us make sense of the world an our role in it. With 15 years of experience spanning digital production, marketing, documentary film, and communications, Kelsey empowers organizations, teams, and individuals to rediscover storytelling's power in unexpected ways.

Certified as a Storytelling Facilitator and OKR coach, Kelsey combines her dual undergraduate degrees in film and anthropology with a master's in aesthetics and narrative theory. She marries a scientific storytelling approach with her innate creative flair to both train and facilitate storytelling-led leadership and development sessions, as well as deliver freelance storytelling consulting services. 

Originally from the United States, Kelsey now calls Newcastle upon Tyne, UK home. She lives there with her husband, who keeps her grounded, and their daughter and labroador retriever, who keep her young at heart.

Kelsey Eichhorn-Allen
Aaron Quinn


Based in Greece, Aaron Quinn is an experienced leadership coach with two decades of experience in the advertising, media, and communications industry.


Originally from London, he made a significant impact by setting up a WPP client service across 16 markets for Colgate Palmolive in Hong Kong in 2008.

In 2014, Aaron shifted gears, transitioning to executive coaching, facilitation, and leadership development. His approach incorporates mindfulness and blends Eastern and Western philosophies, providing clients with a unique perspective.

With a client roster including WPP agencies, OMD, DFS, Citibank, and more, Aaron is certified in Marshall Goldsmith's stakeholder-cantered coaching. He excels in building trust and significance with individuals and teams, helping clients shift perspectives and discover their true motivations.

Recently, Aaron realized his dream by moving to a Greek island, where he co-founded Laughing Heart Retreats, dedicated to exploring the essence of living a fulfilling life.

Cathy Owens


Cathy brings two decades of international experience in sales and learning & development to the table. Her 16-year stint at Google, where she worked in Sydney and Dublin, honed her skills.

Today, Cathy serves as an Organisational Development Consultant/Practitioner, a certified Leadership Coach with the Association for Coaching, and a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. Her expertise lies in helping organizations, leadership teams, and individuals unlock their potential by turning challenges into growth opportunities.

With a background that spans five countries and diverse roles, Cathy values exposure to different places, people, and cultures. She hopes to instil a love for exploration in her two young daughters.

As a certified Clifton Strengths coach, Cathy specializes in helping individuals and teams harness their strengths effectively. Her areas of interest include Facilitation, Training, Team Building, Change Leadership, Resilience and Well-being, Career Coaching, Return to Work, and Team Effectiveness.

Seán de Cuirtéis


Seán boasts two decades of experience in regional and global roles at major advertising networks. His expertise in digital and media has delivered advertising campaigns for multinational companies across Europe, Asia, and the United States, working with brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, Intel, Microsoft, and more.

Originally from Ireland, Seán has lived and worked in various global hubs, most recently setting up Collaborate & Eight in Amsterdam. Here, he and his colleagues empower organizations and individuals to work better as teams, offering bespoke workshop and training experiences.

Seán is known for his fun and energetic creativity and team building workshops. He also collaborates closely with clients to design and facilitate workshops that yield clear outcomes and customized experiences.

His passion for creativity, collaboration, and building high-performance teams drives him. Seán excels at unlocking individual potential and establishing psychological safety in the workplace.

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