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Unlock the Power of Persuasion

Workshop Outcomes

- Create a first draft story around a specific influencing challenge or opportunity 

- Identify your default influencing style and explore situations and/or audiences where you may need to flex. Plan and practice for opportunities to stretch yourself. 

- Gain insight into individual and organizational power sources at your disposal. Plan for how you can use this to tap into a range of practices in order to get things done and achieve your desired results. 

- Learn the fundamentals of storytelling and how to apply specific techniques to improve your communication and influence as a leader.

At Collaborate and Eight, we believe that influence is a cornerstone of effective leadership and teamwork. It's the ability to inspire, persuade, and guide others toward shared objectives. Our Influence workshop equips you with the skills and insights to harness the transformative force of influence.

Why Influence Matters

Influence is the art of making a meaningful impact on people and situations. Our carefully designed workshop empowers you to master the art of influence, driving positive change within your organization.
Join us on a journey to amplify your influence, drive results, and redefine your leadership approach with Collaborate and Eight.

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